Alcatraz Island, let’s go to 1.13 !

  • Published on 09 Aug 2018, 13:13:47

Version 1.13 of Minecraft has been released a few weeks ago with lot of new aquatic stuff, a good reason to improve our replica of the Alcatraz Island, underwater and above!

Among players who tested our map, only a few of them have discovered the underground part of Alcatraz : a tunnel system going to different places of the island, and (normally) totally fictive (see the movie “The Rock“).
If you haven’t watched this movie, it’s pretty hard to find the entrances hidden in the shower room, morgue and powerhouse.

Thanks to the aquatique update, we are working on light up one of these entrance, especially the powerhouse one, located outside the building, underwater. Sea grass, sea pickles and other blocks will improve the visibility of this place like below:


More modifications will be done on the island, mostly depths in buildings textures, but also improved redstone systems.
Finally, the whole underwater parts around the island will be redesigned, more natural and filled of aquatic life.


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