Coming soon with a bunch of updates

  • Published on 17 Apr 2018, 08:30:45

Hello dear Minecrafters and welcome to AnthroMiners’ website!
I’m McTaylis, member of the team and I’m here to give you a few news about our creations and their upcoming updates.

When was last time we updated our maps, uh? 2015? Yes there was not much to change since the game’s updates weren’t breaking any block related physics or textures, so we took a break from the game until we heard recently about the 1.13 update and its new blocks. Let’s get back to work!

Most of our updates will contain uses of new blocks from the recent versions of the game, but maps like Neverland or Alcatraz will also get new stuff.
So once the game goes to 1.13, we’re going to work hard to give you a bunch of updated versions of our projects.
Stay tuned, more news will come later to give you more details about the new content we creating!


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